S’mores Old Fashioned

S’mores Old Fashioned

Warm Up with a Cool Fireside Cocktail.


  • 2 oz. Old Wm. Tarr Manchester Reserve
  • ½  oz. Demerara Syrup
  • 8 drops vanilla extract
  • 4 drops Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters


Mix ingredients in a shaker (don’t shake). Stir with ice for 15 seconds. Strain and pour over ice. Skewer marshmallow and toast to the desired finish. Garnish with toasted marshmallows and serve.

Glass Rim

Crush 1 pack of graham crackers (or use a food processor). Mix crumbs with 1/4 cup sugar. Mix 2 oz. marshmallow fluff with 1 tsp. water until slightly runny. Roll the rim of the glass in marshmallow fluff mixture, then roll through graham cracker mixture.

Making a S'more Old Fashioned

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