RD1 Spirits

The Packaging: Eye-Catching

These 200 ML glass bottles are an exact replica of the RD1 750 ML bottles, featuring RD1’s iconic etched fencing around the base of the bottle and the colorful labels that distinguish our wood finishes. This makes for a perfect gift (think Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and more) and a one-of-a-kind bourbon tasting.

The Experience: Our Lexington Tasting Room…In Your Own Home!

In addition to the 200 ML Flight we recommend purchasing a 750 ML bottle of RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon for the ultimate tasting experience of our wood-finished flight. Here’s why: the RD1 portfolio is built around our blue label, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. From there, we pull certain barrels aside, remove the bung, place unique wood staves into the bourbon barrel, hammer the new bung back, and let the barrel rest for additional time.

  • Blue Label: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 98 proof
  • Red Label: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished In French Oak, 101 proof
  • Green Label: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished In Brazilian Amburana Wood, 110 proof
  • Brown Label: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Double Finished With Oak and Maple Barrels, 99.9 proof

The end result is dramatic! The wood delicately dances with the bourbon to significantly influence the final expression. From the distinct aroma, to your first sip, to the surprising finish, you’ll be amazed at the natural nuances imparted on the bourbon from the wood alone. This Flight allows you to journey with RD1 to discover your palate preferences. We encourage you to download the RD1 tasting mat to bring the charm of our Lexington Tasting Room into your own home.