RD1 Spirits

GOLD – 2024 Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spirits Challenge

94 POINTS – 2023 USA Spirits Ratings

100 Points – 2023 MLSA Competition

PLATINUM – 2023 SIP Awards

GOLD – 2023 Ascot Awards by Fred Minnick

GOLD – 2023 San Francisco International Spirits Competition

GOLD – 2023 John Barleycorn Awards

– 2023 Pr%f Awards

The Craft: Exploring the Bourbon Frontier

In this Double Finish, we took French Oak staves (first finish) that were steeped in a patented process of pressure, oxygen, time and temperature with maple syrup (second finish). The molecular transfusion into the base fibers of the wood is wonderfully artistic and scientifically intense. Consistency is the driver here for flavor and texture.

After RD1 Spirit's Kentucky Straight Bourbon aged for 4+ years, we inserted the French Oak and Maple stave wood into the barrel for additional aging. The end result is like the best stack of pancakes you've ever had.

The Experience: A Dessert-Like Sipper

An undeniable burst of maple and butterscotch on the nose followed by lightly toasted caramel, roasted pecans and paprika. Its flavor boasts a delicate dance of maple goodness and black peppercorn spice. The finish is long, smooth and spicy with a light accent of toasted caramel at the end. Try this in an Old Fashioned but skip the simple syrup and just add more of this bourbon.

If traditional tasting notes aren’t your style, you may…

See – Football trophy gold

Smell – Pancake stack

Taste – Derby pie!

Feel – Glamping and fire-pit stories so good you’re still re-telling

The Buzz: What Others Are Saying

The Tasting Panel: “Aged four years in French oak staves and maple syrup, this whiskey offers a welcoming sweetness of molasses and caramel corn, with a nutty side note of pecan. Rounded, rich, and smooth, it has plenty of length and breadth built along a complex body of balanced weight and intensity.” November 2023

BourbonLens.com : “At first, I was a bit worried that this finish would be a bit heavy-handed. However, spending some time with it allowed me to appreciate the creation of this bourbon. While it is unmistakably “maple syrup”, this is a nice, dessert-y bourbon that is effectively finished without tasting like it has been swapped for a ‘flavored whiskey.’ ” August 2023

USA Ratings: “A standout small batch bourbon, balanced and complex with toffee, honey, and fruit on the nose. Rich on to the with palate showcasing dried apricot, baking spice, and impressive maple finish.” August 2023

John Barleycorn Awards: “Like a stack of buttery, maple syrup laden pancakes. What a treat! Nailed the proof on this.” June 2023

Ultimate Spirits Challenge : “The maple barrel treatment here gives the whiskey another dimension showing brown sugar, smoked vanilla cream, and grated cinnamon over deep fruits of roasted pear, macerated fig, and Medjool date. Fiery on the palate, this is mollified by the rich cask flavors.” June 2023