Maple Smoked Old Fashioned 

Maple Smoked Old Fashioned 


  •  2 oz RD1 Maple Finished Bourbon  
  • 1 Sugar Cube  
  • Aromatic Bitters  
  • Club Soda 
  • Orange Peel  
  • Cherry  
  • Smoking Chips  
  • Using your preferred smoking method, ignite your wood chips and allow the smoke to fill your glass for 1-2 minutes  
    •  We take our preferred wood chips, as well as the orange peel, light them and cover with glass, letting it fill with smoke 
    • allow to fill with smoke for at least 1 minute 
  • Add 1 sugar cube to glass  
  • Pour 2-4 dashes of aromatic bitters over sugar cube  
  • Add small splash of club soda to glass and begin muddling your sugar cube 
  • Add Ice  
  • Pour 2 oz of RD1 Maple Finished Bourbon to glass 
  • Stir  
  • Express your orange peel and glide the inside of the peel along the rim of the glass, adding it to your cocktail once done  
  • Add a luxardo cherry, or cherry of your choice  
  • Enjoy  


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